Beloved One

II feel painting as a prayer
A conversation with the divine essence and the blank canvas.
Beyond trying to force the result what can I bring into the physical world through this conversation?
Divine process guiding me in my own depth to discover expansion and the WHOLE UNIVERSE.
The answers are flowing in colors, shapes, words, aromas, movement, sounds, plants, numbers.
Life is an experience I embraced from the beginning of the Earth.
My body – my temple holds wisdom and information about Creation.
Rediscovering my inner power as a woman I did reclaim parts of me that were covered in shameful societal conditioning.
Listening to my Soul I stayed in my truth even when everything around me was crumbling.
Healing my inner child who experienced all forms of abuse
I was guided to close painful cycles through honoring my life as a conversation with Universe.
I embraced my vulnerability, softness, strength, power, wisdom, beauty, love as part of my wholeness and holyness.
I re-created myself for who I am now
An artist of my own life and the blank canvas in front of me.
Love the poetry of the wind flowing the leaves
Love the transparency of the Sky
I am Love in motion
I am song of wisdom
I see the Love in your eyes
In silence I hear your vastness
In laughter and joy I hear your divine essence
Your breath is a gift to me


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