Divine masculine

The longing of your heart for Self Love.
The desire to have a better relationship with yourself and others.
The feeling to embrace also a practical side of life, the matter, money, organisations, building, selling and creating.
In light of the respect and admiration of your feminine, your intuition, your goddess and queen you want to offer her the best life she can have.

I am here to guide you to embrace your powerful divine masculine.

We will have a conversation.
You will share with me the events before our meeting and the intention of your heart.
Observing together you will feel and identify the block, the moment when the emotion was ingrained in your body.

Through my gifts of empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience I will travel with you in space and time and support you to release.

Through a guided meditation I will invite the presence of the divine masculine and his messages so that you can feel his love and embrace, the blueprint of the eternal lover, the king of the matter and the quantum field.

Here you grow the conversation with your divine masculine.

From this awareness you will be the one to create changes in your life through your daily practice and self care routine.

Let his eternal love guide you to your inner beauty and confidence you are always loved in all ways you want to be loved.