I am pure love

The session flow

The sessions will be created for your own unique requirements as my gifts will support you through:

  • Light language prayer and heart connection

    DNA light activation through sound and primordial movement of healing hands.
    The Origins.
    The Intuition.
    The Heart Space.
    Heaven on Earth.
    I am the light channel.
    You are the light channel.
    We activate into our full potential the transformation and integration of light, God memory.
  • I am the Alchemyst

    The speaking and listening process.
    You bring into the light what is ready for transformation, through action moving the stagnation.
    Identifying the blocked emotions and release them from your physical and subtle body.
    Facing old emotions, the courage to feel and release.
    Learning about polarities and how can you bring yourself back into your heart, your balance, your Home and Wholeness.
    Transform fear in courage.

    I will support the emotional release by creating a safe place for you, feeling the same emotions with you through my gifts of telepathy, clairaudience and clairvoyance.
    I will travel with you in time and space, childhood, past lives, embracing your aura in light and love and grounding the energy so that you can express in freedom all that is hidden and stagnant in your body.
    You can destroy and create.

  • I am the Creator

    You have the courage to listen to your heart’s calling and ask the Universe to offer you exactly what you want.
    You will be offered the practice and the exercise in order to re-create yourself in your daily earthly life.
    Everything that I have learned and creates results in harmony with your situation and resonance, breathing, grounding, fasting, dancing, meditating, praying, intuitive writing and painting, embodiment, sacred sexuality, music, etc.
    You will easily create a lifestyle by making every day changes, step by step.
    I am here to support and celebrate you.

The sessions are offered in romanian, english and russian language, you only have to tell me your preference.

I am so happy to know and feel your heart <3