I manifest

The session flow

I will be your guide through 3 stages:

  • First session - 1 hour 30 min

    Inner child will be brought to our attention.
    We will discuss how you feel, what you want to bring in your life, how you want to be and all that you feel to bring in my presence.
    Your inner child experienced traumatic events, so you are in the place to create a trust relationship with yourself and myself.
    Allow emotions to be present, shame, anger, frustration, hopelessness, pain, confusion.
    I am here to offer you a safe space.
    The events you think you can’t share with no one, you can share with me.
    I will not even blink holding you in my love and support.

    Maybe you were beaten, humiliated, beaten to blood, shared sexual games with the abuser, corrupted into receiving gifts in exchange for sexual abuse, exposed a sexual approach with other children because this was the way you were taught love is.

    Maybe your father or stepfather would come in your room in the middle of the night.

    Maybe you told your mother about the fact that you have been abused by your father or stepfather and she didn’t believe you, continuing the relationship with him or even marrying him, offering you even more abuse.

    Love is not abuse.
    You came here to heal yourself and a lineage, but you the one to offer them back their responsibility.
    Now you are an adult, your life doesn’t depend on the need to receive food, shelter and love from them.
    You will receive your inner child back into your heart.
    Your innocence is always in your pure and beautiful heart.
    Here you will start a life journey to support your inner child in LOVE.
    When your inner child creates a trust relationship with me he/she will perceive me as the best mother/father.
    My responsibility as a guide is to bring you back from the fragmented childhood into yourself, into your NOW.
    This is the stage when your inner child will overthrow me from the pedestal he/she created for me.
    This is a good sign.
    Allow the triggers and observe them.
    I am here to support your healing.

  • Second session - 1 hour 30 min

    We will discuss limiting beliefs you created due to traumatic events, the ”I can’t s” and transform them in ”I can”.
    I can live a happy, abundant, joyfull, filled with love life.
    Here you might feel releasing entities and/or entity cording, from the ethereal to the cellular level, which kept you in mental fog and limiting beliefs.
    What are entities?
    The energy of the entity is created by a belief system.
    God offers us the power of the creator.
    We can materialise with our thoughts the most beautiful garden, entities, a life lived in pleasure, an abuser, our soul mission, etc.
    Release any judgement about your creation.
    It served you to show you how powerful YOU are.
    There is no one to blame and shame.
    You decide what you want to re-create.
    This is a powerful process.
    You decide how far and deep you want to go.
    Clarity to change your life.
    Who created those beliefs?
    You are safe.
    Your soul is supporting you.
    You will step into a new phase of empowerment by taking full responsibility for your life.
    I will open the portal, create a vortex and call all the angels and archangels;
    Start moving the energy through light language and my healing hands;
    I will feel and see what you feel and see.

    To open up your defence mechanisms which served you by now to survive traumatic events, your subconscious will communicate me words, feelings, images and I will give them voice so that your conscious can identify when and how.
    We will travel in space and time together.
    You will feel in your body old emotions, bring light to them and release.
    If we identify an entity you are the one taking the decision to let it go.
    It takes a lot of courage to let go and I will support you with my whole body.
    You might feel a pressure in the place from where you will release, a light sensation and tingling of the body which can shift into the sensation of ethereal body and shapeshifting.
    This is because old wounds are cleared from the quantum field and in this place you are multidimensional.
    Your anger will channel the passion to release the old.
    I will feel the same what you feel and also tingling and numbing of my fingertips and hands as I will move the energetic field around us.
    After the cleaning we both will feel a great relief and happiness overflowing in celebrating your empowerment.

  • Third session - 1 hour 30 min

    Divine feminine and Divine masculine dance.
    We will invite both aspects of our embodiment to guide us.

    On our second session I was shapeshifting from an energetic androgyny into feminine and masculine as your field requires.
    In this place you might feel love for me, but it is love for your divine masculine and divine feminine and as a guide I am responsible to bring you back into self love.

    It is a joyfull session.
    We will dress up and celebrate.
    I will channel messages to your questions, so that you can anchor the whole experience into your daily life.
    We will invite clarity around the situations you thought are blocked, money, love, business, house, relationships.
    In every challenging situation there are at least five solutions.
    We invite progress, power and determination and let go of perfection.
    Heaven on Earth
    The merging of spiritual and human nature.
    Practical, Joyfull, Present.

The initiations you received in our sessions will unfold for you days and even months after our third meeting.

Change in your life comes from intention, words and action.
We will keep in touch, once a week, for one month through messages, sharing in the awareness of the new events in your life.
I will support your process through my own accountability and soul mission to support even more women to embrace their power.

I am here to offer my love, if you feel to continue exploring yourself through my sessions I encourage you to open I AM PURE LOVE sessions or oasis.

Love you, supreme soul, and may you step into your highest purpose and soul mission for the good of ALL.