Light language

Ancient prayer.
The language of future.
The feminine full expression.

I will guide you to connect with your soul star family.
Through my body the resonance will be created and you will receive the ancient wisdom of healing through energy, vibration and sound.

The place of PEACE, LOVE and HOME.

We will address the blockages, walls, fear and release them.


From this place you move with cosmic vibration.

There is not much to say about light language, because light language is the space of quantum, the feeling, observation, empathy, intimacy and deep connection.

Light language is a healing practice and only with good intention and gratitude can you connect to a human’s heart.

After the initiation the energy will flow through you, let it teach you how can you flow with it.
Trust your heart.
Let the purity of your heart teach you how to amplify the energy through light language.
What you want to bring into the world?
The movement and telepathy becomes your prayer.