Healing sexual trauma and liberating the voice

Our voice is unique.

I revere the power of our own sound to heal our body.

I am in admiration of the inner masculine who holds space for the feminine to flow in muse fluidity.

Healing sexual trauma offers the opportunity to liberate the voice, to express our unique blueprint, to let go of that moment when our voice was ignored and shut down through violence.

On my journey to alchemise sexual trauma I really enjoyed The Supreme Sound Course by Simrit.

Breathing, connecting to my body, sound, exercise, daily practice to revere my voice, my unique voice.

Now I am happy to continue my journey of self discovery and voice expression.

In the video I am offering the healing sound of my voice supported by Sabin Mureșan:

My first time when I allowed my voice to express in togetherness with a man through singing – the level of vulnerability, trust and healing was so nourishing to my heart.

Sabin is offering a space where you can create your unique song and express yourself in love and safety.

The healing power of self expression – your sacred sound and breath is MAGICAL.

Blessings Beautiful Soul




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