I am Light

I am Light
I wash in golden Light
Any script and projections
The shadow your/my mind creates
To experience illusion
I am Light
I am Light
I am free
I laugh
What a story
I laugh
My soul
Let’s leave all this behind
I am more than my soul
I can choose now
To destroy the script in Light
Before de~materializing my body
I can change everything now
I don’t have to wait the so called human death to re-create my destiny
I am the most powerful creation~creator
Creator creating itself in Creation creating Creator
And so are you
You are Light
Your cells are Light
Wash your mind with golden Light
Inhaling Light
Exhaling Light
What if I didn’t come here to consume?
What if I transition to consuming less and less?
What if I am so amazingly powerful and my natural state is to offer?
To offer that which my mind can’t define?
To offer in my light
My Light to all the Light
What would I do if I had to live one more day?
Exactly what I am doing NOW
Exactly what tomorrow will offer me to choose or maybe I don’t have to choose anymore
Light to Light
Love to Love
Everything is sacred
In infinite peace and love
That which is beyond I who experiences
Joy and Love

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